In Kenya, road deaths and injuries paint a picture of tragedy, as well as the terrible human cost road accidents impose. Kenya being a low-middle-income country experiences setbacks in its social economic gains.  
With a workforce of 3,500 and above loosing lives and getting injured every year, the cost to the economy is tremendous.

We believe that this can change by working together with all road safety stakeholders.  By doing so, Kenya will not only achieve the national road safety strategic plan or the global road safety plan but place its citizens at the advantage of contributing towards becoming a high-income economy. 

It is therefore critical to better understand the intervention measures for road crashes and ensure priority action plans as a way of mitigating its negative effects on poverty reduction and economic growth.

We believe that by a comprehensive approach of multi-sectoral partnerships and designation of lead agencies, Kenyan roads can be safer.  With a focus on road safety management, safer vehicles, safer road users, post-crash response, and safer driving environments, we will rise to this challenge.

ORS –Kenya Team

Road user sensitization

Empowering Road Users with knowledge

Strive to achieve best practice in road safety, especially in low- and middle-income countries where more than 90 per cent of the world’s road fatalities occur.